This page provides a summary of TALKN's objectives.

TALKN - Posting, Engaging, and Talking has never been so rewarding! Energized by your desires and the most recent Web3 innovations, Talkn is controlling a social web3 revolution — and you're part of it. HOW TALKN WAS BUILT AND ITS GOALS: The whole day we're talking, posting, and scrolling on social media without earning a single $, majority of us use social platforms for engaging their life, but we didn't concerned that most of our time is vested and we didn't do or gain anything(Followers, money, etc..) then we say that we will do it tomorrow, as for perspective our routine will change, now let's imagine that your talking & scrolling will give you money "Save time + Chill Vibes = Earn money", talkn wants to envision itself as a community platform. we are the first team to create and implement a sustainable, working Talk-to-Earn (T2E) model. The Platform For Talk and Engage In Web3: TALKN is the first ever idea in web3.0 to convert your voice into crypto (CYVIC), By simply Live Streaming, Posting Content, Engaging, and Interacting with other users through our social web3 platform, or participating in our ecosystem activities users will earn ($TLKN) the native token of talkn, 50% of total business revenue will be used to build a talkn organization and the rest 50% will be used to buy, and burn $TLKN tokens on the market through governance.

TALKN capability intends to incentivize fifty(50) million people around the globe toward a web3 lifestyle, introducing them to how revolutionary the web3 can and will be, all while relying on its social elements and simple UI to develop a long-lasting platform encouraging user-generated Web 3.0 content. To Build an overall social Web3 infrastructure with advanced and good experience via Talkn. Note, we're currently in the building stage the content of this LITEPAPER may be changed in the future to reflect the scope of a better project.

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