😎The Economy

On this page, we give an overview of how big the Web3 economy is and it's potential!

As you know, the Web3 ecosystem (A decentralized online ecosystem based on blockchain technology) is growing rapidly daily new ideas/ protocol is launched and will work to solve the existing problems in blockchain and web2, and the market figure of web3 via the report of Citi (the latest Wall Street firm) that has issued a bullish forecast for web3 and the decentralization, which describe a future internet vision based on decentralized technologies and virtual worlds. Citi said in a research report published in March 2022 that the decentralized and web3 economy could have a total addressable market of up to $13 trillion and can capture five bullion users by 2030. What Makes T2E Exciting? Talk-to-Earn (T2E) apps allow users to earn token-based while doing online activities like live streaming and posting on the social platform. while engaging and earning valuable rewards through a unique concept called talk-2-earn, talkn helps users to incentivize by improving their talking power, engagement, and followers. Talkn will allow you to gain maximum returns on your investment or without investing through our products, services, and platform. in the current Web3 market economy in which users benefit from the $1 Trillion current market cap value (at this time of writing).

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