Talkn initial development roadmap is outlined in two building phases!

The TALKN Roadmap is (currently) split into two separate phases, which are detailed below. Keep in mind that app and blockchain development is complex; as a result, these phases may overlap and are also subject to change pending any unforeseen challenges in development, once we achieve these two phases then more steps will come with details. Phase 1

  • Brainstorming Idea Generation (Complete)

  • Social Handles Established (Complete)

  • Website Launch (Complete)

  • Litepaper & Pitch Deck (Complete)

  • Airdrop round (Complete)

  • Collaboration with Projects (Complete)

  • Private Sale (in-progress)

  • Marketing via Calls, Publications, Influencers, YouTube ads... (In-progress)

  • Listing CoinMarketCap / CoinGecko (in-progress) Phase 2

  • Launch Talkn Social Web3 APP

  • Public Sale, IDO/IEO

  • Listing on DEX/CEX

  • Listing on top-tier CEX

  • Integration with Web3 Projects

  • Update & Adding New Features

  • Even So More...

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