Official Disclaimer!

All decisions surrounding the future vision and roadmap of TALKN and TLKN Token will be made by the TALKN team. Decisions made involving TALKN and TLKN Token will always be made with THE TALKN team's best judgment to fairly balance the best interests of the community as well as the business. Opinions and feedback from the community will always be accounted for and heard, but they are not what ultimately guides the TALKN project. If you're not comfortable with this, we suggest not purchasing the TLKN token, It's also important to understand that TLKN Token is a utility token with highly speculative value, and so the price at any given time is likely to fluctuate quite significantly, and the TALKN team will take no direct actions with the primary intent of attempting to affect the value of TLKN Token. In all circumstances, appreciation of the value of the TALKN Token should be seen as an auxiliary result and not the primary motivation, It should not be assumed that the success of TALKN or any other related third party should cause the value of this token to go up, necessarily, Before buying TLKN Token, please make sure you understand that TLKN Token is a utility token for the TALKN ECOSYSTEM, and thus has no inherent value beyond what other players are willing to pay to acquire the TLKN Token for trading on the CEXs / DEXs at the moment you are trying to sell it, By engaging with the cryptocurrency build of TALKN, you are entering into a scenario where your APP assets will only ever be worth what another is willing to pay you for them in TLKN Token at that moment. There are no exceptions to this, Please make all financial decisions regarding TLKN Token responsibly, and with money, you consider for entertainment purposes only. Please do not purchase TLKN Token with any money you are not prepared to lose, By choosing to engage with TLKN Token financially, you are willingly choosing to accept all risks associated Including in these risks is the reality that any plans put forward by TALKN TEAM for TLKN are subject to approval from third parties, as well as subject to the team's ability to deliver the technology that is planned. The team will always do their best, however, you should understand that nothing is guaranteed, especially regarding any new and innovative technologies proposed in the TALKN roadmap.

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