Every time, you stream, post, and engage you earn, Being social & stay active in WEB3 - TALKN!

To help distinguish itself from the competition and provide the most functional, sustainable platform, TALKN boasts a wide variety of features and attributes — including: Inner Zones TALKN believes that the future of talking is social. For this reason, it will make a feature that is inner zones, which is in-app zones like groups, where people can stream, post, and engage with their mates while earning boosted rewards, these will provide endless opportunities for interactions with like-minded peoples. Competitions Talkn will organize multiple competitions for the better phase of talkn users & ecosystem participants, everyone who takes part in the social app competitions and if win will receive a reward according to their performance, and for the growth of the talkn ecosystem, competitions will be started once we launch our application, we will update you everything about competitions on how to participate and win via our official social handles. Tasks To help provide a social Web3 experience to users, TALKN will generate a range of challenges that users can complete to earn additional rewards and perks. These will be personalized based on both user-inputted data and past performance. Some examples of these might include:

  • Come Live Stream

  • Active 30 minutes per day for 14 days in a row

  • Invite More Friends

  • Post Creative Content

  • Like, Comment, & Share on streams and posts

  • Engage & Interact with other users

  • Participate in-app Activities

  • Join in INNER Zones aka Groups

  • Do as many "Gifts" as you can.

  • Buy Talkn NFT's

  • Collect Badges

  • Make Hype and many more. This feature will be intimately woven with TALKN talk-to-earn functionality, helping to incentivize a long-term commitment to Talkn by rewarding users for completing relevant milestones. Leaderboards For the more competitive users, TALKN features global leaderboards, allowing users to gauge their performance against the broader TALKN community, and push themselves to their limits. A range of attractive perks and rewards will be made available to the top-ranking TALKN users — along with the chance to secure a slot as a sponsored user.

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