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Talkn wants to create a web 3.0 application that uses blockchain technology to create a super app. What benefits will Talkn experience from the use of Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology can help TALKN solve is interacting with people in web3, Accessibility to an easy-to-use platform in web3, and the usability of products for web3 social adoption, According to TALKN, if you are a decent person, if you are encouraged, and if you receive the necessary rewards, good behavior will likely continue, that's why talkn will develop a social web3 platform for interacting & engaging with people while earning valuable rewards, talkn will maintain the mainstream platform for transiting the social web2 users to web3 via just using our applications with participating ecosystem rewards, With the help of Blockchain, TALKN can develop its token which can be used as an appropriate reward for all users to encourage and motivate them to contribute to the growth of TALKN ecosystem.

And last but not least, the application of Blockchain can help TALKN empower its community.

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