💸Token Utility

The $TLKN token utilities!

The TALKN token sits at the core of the TALKN ecosystem and will be used to unlock access to an array of powerful features. Some of the provisional core utilities of the TALKN token include;

  • Buy, burn, and build: 50% of business revenue is used to buy and burn $TLKN tokens on the market, and the rest 50% is used to build a talkn organization.

  • Staking: Liquidity providers get double rewards tokens in the pool. NOTE: Talkn will provide a staking feature in the form of LP incentives.

  • Governance: TALKN understands the importance of governance, that's why we rely on the governance model, $TLKN holders will have their say over how the platform operates, potentially including defining how rewards are distributed, choosing which activities is better for the ecosystem and choosing when the next wave of NFTs becomes available, and many more possibilities.

  • Burn-to-earn: Users will need to burn $TLKN tokens to participate in the burn-to-earn mechanic, allowing users to earn badge reward that have many utilities

  • Challenge participation: While some challenges will be open to anybody, others will be gated using $TLKN tokens. These challenges will see the top participants share a fraction of the total reward pot contributed by challenge entrants.

  • Ecosystem Activities: Talkn will organize multiple competitions and activities to do a better reflection of the $TLKN token holders.

  • NFT Marketplace: Talkn NFTs can buy & sell with $TLKN tokens.

  • In-App Assets: In the talkn social app, in-app assets like “GIFTS” will be bought with $TLKN tokens.

  • Products: Talkn will mainly focus on developing more & more products, $TLKN token will be used to engage with those products.

  • Transaction Fee: Users will need to pay a fee for doing any type of transaction in dapp or mobile app, the fee will be paid with $TLKN tokens. Many more utilities will come out, stay tuned for more updates.

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