Talkn, next way to web3.0!

TALKN is building a social ecosystem for Web3. Planning to redefine the revolution of web3 like never before. It will have a Web3 earning concept and it will empower every community member to play their role in enhancing the talkn platform, talkn is set to usher in a future where more people than ever before are happy, wealthy, engaged, interacted, and motivated. our ultimate goal is to provide infinite possibilities for people to do something in web3 while earning valuable rewards. The platform we are building is for all users who want to earn in Web3. TALKN wants to build web3 ownership and community. A decentralized approach to a shared economy. TALKN envisions itself as a community platform where users interact and engage with another users. It works similarly to fractional ownership allowing every member to own a piece of the web3 within a channel, our goal is to build the community for a new web3 and social digital world. The DAO governance will allow people to suggest and implement the direction they want to proceed.

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