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Boosting openness in the TALKN environment!

TALKN is designed to be as open and accessible as a social platform. This means we've carefully considered how to ensure that everybody can fairly participate in the ecosystem without diluting rewards or causing excess NFT burden. The Route We anticipate that at least initially a large proportion of users participating in the TALKN ecosystem will own their talkn NFTs. NFTs Utilities We at talkn is believed that NFTs will play a significant role in building and benefiting the community, talkn NFTs have virtual world values that are useful, profitable, and beneficial to their owners. Burning Mechanism Those who burn enough $TLKN tokens will have an opportunity to receive the badge of the burner, and utilities of the badge will be announced. The App Wallet In the talkn app wallet, users can easily send and receive $TLKN tokens or other assets from account to account with just owing an address or username. Payments In the Talkn App, the main crypto we use for payments is $TLKN, and we also support other partners' cryptocurrencies. and many more, just stay tuned.

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